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IssueNameSuggestionDate RaisedCategoryActionDate Closed
3Neilplease can we have a favicon on the new site19/03/2023AdditionalThat’s set up. Need to upload.27/03/2023
4NeilSplit ‘News’ into News and Newsletter. Move ‘events’ fixtures and results into separate tab under Matches19/03/2023StructureRestructured as requested31/03/2023
5NeilAdd private Members area19/03/2023StructureNeed work to establish how this can be done.
6NeilAdd ‘Touring Teams’ tab19/03/2023StructureDone.31/03/2023
7NeilRe-structure committee19/03/2023Page ChangeDone. See Issue 10.28/03/2023
8NeilHome page – Bowls England President’s Tour19/03/2023Page ChangeDone. Caption to photograph updated28/03/2023
9MikeBanner wanted across whole window19/03/2023StructureHard to do with current theme – leave till last (change of theme)
10CmtteeRename club officers as Committee, but add new Contacts page with *just* the contactable officers. Use Mike’s telephone as the contact number.19/03/2023Page ChangeDone.
‘Committee’ is now under About
‘Officers’ is just contactable officers and is under Contacts
11CmtteeAdd page explaining / guiding our members through the Bowls Wiltshire new IT system. Put this in new Members area19/03/2023Additional
12CmtteeAdd ‘Social Committee’ to Committee page19/03/2023Page ChangeDone, but need the actual team names28/03/2023
13CmtteeNeed to put together an Events page19/03/2023Page Change(need events for the year from Cathy – pref on Calendar)
14CmtteeUnder member’s area – Constitution / Committee Minutes & Actions19/03/2023Additional
15MarieUnder ‘About the Club’. Perhaps a better photo of the green. This one looks like (until you zoom in) a lot of crows pecking away at the grass. Alan will send some other ones.23/03/2023Page ChangePhoto changed.29/03/2023
16MarieMembership. Firstly the photo, I like the fun part of it, but we should all be properly dressed in club shirts and grey trousers/shorts or wear civvies, We should not represent a mixture of dress codes.23/03/2023Page ChangePhoto changed.29/03/2023
17MariePerhaps a separate tab for membership with a drop-down of becoming a member perhaps mentioning friendly tuition for ‘new to bowling’ members.23/03/2023Additional
18MarieThe About Downton Bowling Club, tab, I did find a drop-down menu once and noticed sponsors etc, but since then I could not get the drop-down menu to come down from the black tab.23/03/2023UsabilityNone required. Drop-down occurs with hover over menu27/03/2023
19MarieDowntonbc News search facility perhaps use of keywords like winners/leagues/tours etc?23/03/2023UsabilityWill need to introduce ‘Tagging’ – but Search is site-wide. Not just News27/03/2023
20MarieNews race night, anyone looking at this picture would not join the club!! I think there must be better pictures than this one.23/03/2023Page ChangeYou got one? Let me have it. I’ve changed what I have shown.29/03/2023
21Marie2022 comp winners, it says click here, but there’s no link.23/03/2023UsabilityI don’t see that problem?27/03/2023
22Marie & NeilDo we have to have SAVCOM written on lots of the events?23/03/2023StructureAll post Authors not shown
All post comments disabled
23MarieBowling newsletters. It says download, but they don’t download.23/03/2023MediaThey didn’t migrate. Have added these31/03/2023
24MarieContacts on this page. There is no name phone or email address. This might be Cathy Dean, who should use the DBC email address??23/03/2023Page ChangeContact is in the footer of EVERY page. Email and telephone.
Added ‘directions’ link to find us
25MarieSupport tab This does nothing and I don’t know what support means.23/03/2023AdditionalThis part of site not yet written
26MarieDates of diaries, et cetera open days and other events need to have the correct dates in ready for this seasons open days.23/03/2023AdditionalNeed to discuss access to Downtonbc@gmail diary for inclusion
27MarieClub officers. Please can you include the coach as an officer (which is me).23/03/2023Page ChangeAdded and re-arranged Club Committee29/03/2023
28MarieIs there any mention of tuition for new members? They may wish to know that they can be catered for when they they start23/03/2023Additional
29MarieIs there a photo gallery? If so, maybe a serious one, and perhaps a funny one which you could put the guy with the green shorts in ??23/03/2023Additional
30MarieMembership secretary, instead of the red hyperlink, Make …..membership at, ….a hyperlink instead.23/03/2023Page ChangeChanged hyperlink to mailto:membership@29/03/2023
31MarieOne other thing, the picture of the cake which was kindly made for the 40th birthday. If you look at it, it looks as if there there’s been a dog on the green it looks a bit weird, I think perhaps we can edit the dog poo (probably a cake crumb) out of the picture ha ha.23/03/2023MediaEdited. It’s a pity a picture of the cake wasn’t taken earlier – and without people hovering in the background.28/03/2023
32MartinTidy up social links23/03/2023MediaDone.27/03/2023
33MartinAdd contact form23/03/2023AdditionalDone.01/04/2023
34NeilCommittee’ – Delegates – alter as listed05/04/2023Page ChangeDone.05/04/2023
35NeilFind Us’ – add W3W reference05/04/2023Page ChangeDone.05/04/2023

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