February 2020

See the gallery for latest pictures of the new shed and with its brand new roof installed.

News from the Westbrook Mixed Triples Section:
The Westbrook MTL Committee agreed that this season we would introduce a knockout competition between the league clubs.There will be eight teams competing with each team fielding two mixed Triples to be played home and away at the same time.The combined total of shots on the two rinks will be added together to decide which team(the one with the highest combined total) goes through to the semi final.In the event of a tie a sudden death end will be played at the club shown first on the list.

Our team will be called The Downton Puffins and our first Home and Away match against Salisbury Bowling Club will be held on Monday 15th June 2020 at 6.15pm. When we win this match a semi final match will be played in July at a date to be agreed by the two Captains.The final will take place on a neutral ground probably in September 2020.The winning team will be presented with The Harold Ford Cup in recognition of the late MTL treasurer.

If you wish to enter this competition and are a regular player in the MTL league please get on touch with Steve Allen for consideration by the Downton MTL Captain.

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