Bustards v Bournemouth Beavers

I’d been warned that we have a ‘rook’ problem, so I turned up early to administer some TLC to the green. What a mess! However, after a good swish, both rinks looked ok & actually played really well.
Unbelievably, Bournemouth Beavers/Broncos could only field one team this weekend & they decided to send a strong team to play us, instead of travelling to runaway leaders Swanage Dolphins. Sadly for them, that proved to be a bad decision.
Rink 4 – Tony, Rod & Geoff W22-12. It took a few ends for the team to get going, but once they did, there was no stopping them. It was quite close until the 12th end, then we won 5 ends in a row scoring 10 shots & taking a commanding 22-10 lead. 12 ends won. Another excellent team performance.
Rink 3 – Lewis, Muriel & Ivan W18-12. It was 8-7 after 11 ends, then we scored a big 5. On the 16th end, we turned 1 down in to 3 up, which sealed the deal. Probably this teams best performance of the season.
Match score Bustards 40 v 24 Beavers. All 6 points to the Bustards for the 5th successive match. We are now comfortably in 2nd place in the league, behind runaway leaders Swanage Dolphins, who we visit next Saturday.
The team for this showdown remains unchanged.
Ivan Buss 15th June 2024.

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Highcliffe Leopards v Bustards

How lucky were we with the weather! A little bit of rain at the start & end of the match, in between it was dry & sunny, and blowing a gale! The green was very wet & sadly, it played very inconsistently.
Rink 4 – Tony, Paul & Geoff W29-7. After 7 ends we were trailing 3-6. Next time I looked at the scoreboard it was 11-6, after a superb 8! We won 8 ends in a row, 12 in all, in what was a comprehensive win. A brilliant performance.
Rink 2 – Lewis, Muriel & Ivan W19-10. We took the lead on end 3 & never looked back. Another good solid performance by all of the team. Well done.
Match score Bustards 48 v 17 Leopards. All 6 points to the Bustards. With four straight six point wins, we have consolidated second place in the league, behind runaway leaders Swanage Dolphins.
Next week we are at home to mid table Bournemouth Beavers. The match starts at 10am & the bar is open from midday, so why not come along & support the team
Ivan Buss 15th June 2024.

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Poole Park Gulls v Bustards

Another beautiful day for bowls on the best green we’ve played on this season. Fast & true, it was a pleasure to play on.
Rink 3 – Tony, Rod & Geoff W17-15. 7-14 down after 11 ends, this one looking like it was slipping away. Then we managed to win 6 ends in a row to lead 17-14 & despite losing the last end won 17-15. Thanks to Rod for guesting & well done gentleman on an excellent comeback victory.
Rink 2 – Lewis, Muriel & Ivan W19-9. We were never behind in this match, but it was too close to call until the 17th end, when we collectively played a brilliant end & scored 6 shots. Another excellent team performance.
Match score Bustards 36 v 24 Gulls. All 6 points to the Bustards. With three straight six point wins, we are now second in the league behind runaway leaders Swanage Dolphins.
Next week we have our third away game in a row, when we travel to Highcliffe Leopards, who are currently ninth.
Ivan Buss 8th June 2024.

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Solar Electric v Bustards

Another lovely day for bowls (apart from the gale force wind), on an excellent playing surface. SE were second in the league, but due to mix up, only five players turned up.
Rink 5 – Tony, Paul & Geoff W27-11. Playing against two opponents was a new experience for our team & it took a while to get going, but once they did, 3×3, 2×4 & a 6 on the last end saw the team through to a big win. Well done, an excellent team performance.
Rink 4 – Lewis, Muriel & Ivan W20-15. Having lost 7 ends in a row & losing 5-10 after 10 ends, we finally woke up, scoring 14 shorts over the next 4 ends to lead 19-10. Well done on a great recovery.
Match score Bustards 47 v 26 Solar. All 6 points to the Bustards. With two straight six point wins, we have moved up to third in the league.
Next week we travel to second bottom Poole Park Gulls & we are one short. If you are available to play, please kindly let me know asap.
Ivan Buss 1st June 2024.

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Bustards v Bournemouth Broncos

A perfect day for bowls, warm, dry & sunny and a green that played really well. Congratulations to the green keeping team.
Rink 5 – Tony, Paul & Geoff. W24-15. A great team performance, with everyone at times playing some excellent bowls. Winning 5 ends in a row from ends 3 to 7 scoring 11 shorts did the early damage & a 3 & a 4, on ends 9/10 sealed the deal. Ends won 11/7.
Rink 6 – Lewis, Muriel & Ivan. W15-14. After 7 ends the score was 7-5. Then we played a brilliant end, scoring 6 shots. We should really have won by more, but we got a bit sloppy near the end, losing 9 shots on the last 4 ends. Both teams won 9 ends. Again, another good team performance.
Match result: Bustards 39 v 29 Broncos. All 6 points go to the Bustards.
Next week we travel to play second in the league Solar Electric, with an unchanged side.
Ivan Buss 25th May 2024.

Knyveton Kingfishers v Bustards

No sign of the threatened thunderstorms, which was good news as the green appeared to have been watered. Having said that, it was still quick & played really well.
Rink 2 – Lewis, Muriel, Ivan. Lost 13-17. We were 10-6 up after 10 ends & 13-12 up after 15 ends where we got a brilliant wick to go from 5 down to 3 up! Sadly, on the 17th end, we had an unlucky wick & went from 1 down to 3 down, effectively sealing our fate. Considering we only won 6 ends, this was a good team effort.
Rink 1- Paul, Alan, Geoff. Lost 11-25. Another tough day at the office, but never gave up & reached double figures on the last end, having lost a 6 on the 17th end. A good effort, against a very strong trio.
The Kingfishers are also struggling for players, so they had to use a couple of players who normally play at a higher standard, which included their men’s first team captain! They have also had to decommission one of their greens, which looked very sad.
Match result Bustards 24-42 Kingfishers. All six points to the Kingfishers. We are now down to eighth, one place above the relegation zone.
Next week we are home to Bournemouth Broncos. The bar is open from midday. All spectators are very welcome.
Ivan Buss 18th May 2024.
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Bustards v Highcliffe Panthers

  On what looks like being the last day of summer, the Bustards took on what proved to be a very strong Panthers team, with lots of short ends on a very slow green.
Rink 6 – Lewis, Muriel, Ivan. Lost 11-13. This was the one that got away. From 2 up to 1 down on end 10 & 1 down to 3 down on end 5, did the damage. We won the last two ends, but couldn’t quite pull it back.
Rink 5 – Rosemary, Alan, Geoff. Lost 7-23. A tough day at the office against a trio on top form.
Match result Bustards 18-36 Panthers. All six points to the Panthers.
Next week we are away to Knyveton Kingfishers, looking to bounce back with a good win on the road.
Ivan Buss 11th May 2024.
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Swanage Seagulls v Bustards

The Bustards made the long trip South to face Swanage Seagulls, in their first match of the season. Both rinks were both wet & bumpy, so not the easiest to play on, but who cares when the sun is shining & you can play in shirt sleeves.
Rink 1 – Tony, Paul & Ivan played a good, solid game & comfortably won 19-8. They won 12 ends to 6, with no more than 2 shots won on any end.
Rink 2 – Rosemary, Alan & Geoff took control of their match with a 5 & a 6 on ends 10/11. They finished up with an excellent 21-13 victory.
Overall score: Downton 40 v 21 Swanage. Downton 6 points, Swanage 0 points.
Our next match is at home to Highcliffe Panthers next Saturday, with a 10am start. All spectators welcome & the bar is open from midday.
Ivan Buss – 4th May 2024.

Downton Dragons Team

The Dragons are winners in 2023
The Downton Dragons have won league 5A of the Bournemouth and District Morning Triples league and have been promoted to league 4. They will receive their trophy at the B&D Presentation Dinner.
The main Downton Dragons team is as follows: Steve Allen(Captain) Charles Burrows (Vice Captain) Neil Gillespie, Colin Morris, Cathy Burrows, Dawn Allen, Lynda Hale, John James and Nick Purkis. Simon Stacey and Geoff Warr also played one match for us.
Steve Allen
Downton Captain

Downton Bustards v Branksome Park Falcons

The last match of the season pitted 3rd place Bustards against bottom of the league Falcons. Although there was only pride to play for, both rinks produced some great shots, on what was probably our best green of the year; and the sun came out!
Rink 1 – Rosemary, Alan & Geoff. Nine rinks each, but a four to start & a six to finish, gave our team the edge in a 23-13 win.
Rink 2 – Ivan, Muriel & Cathy. A close game until a winning six end streak mid match put the home team in control. A four & a five also helped, as we won eleven ends & the match 22-13.
Overall score – Bustards 45 v 26 Falcons. Downton 6 points, Falcons 0 points.
In my first season as captain, I would like to thank Cathy, Paul, Muriel, Alan, Rosemary, Geoff, Tony & Lewis for playing for the Bustards, for playing so well throughout the season & for the support & commitment they have given me. Coming third & winning 11 out of 14 matches, is a great achievement. Thank you & well done.
Congratulations to Lyndhurst & Swanage on their promotion. As they were the only teams to beat us all season, they thoroughly deserved it.
Congratulations also to the Dragons, who have won division 5a. Well played team.
Ivan Buss – 2nd September 2023.

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