Fun and Focus

On 5 May, Marie (our coach) ran her ‘Fun and Focus’ afternoon at Downton. She and Alan set up the 6 rinks in the morning the rinks measured out so each was exactly the same with markers for each of the 4 challenges she had set.

The aim of this popular event was to have FUN (you could wear what you like and chat as much as you like) but at the same time there was an element of FOCUS as well. Four unusual challenges were set – bowling to off-centre Jacks; blowing the Jack to a target; Show consistancy in bowling and finally a bit of fun bashing the bowls placed around the Jack. Measuring was a novelty as Marie had made 3-foot garden canes into measuring devices with green tape at 3 foot intervals to make it all nice and easy.

This event was so popular before COVID that this year Marie had to run two sessions. 18 members turned up, two played on each rink taking turns with the challenges, one playing, the other measuring and returning bowls to their partner player.

It was a lovely day weather-wise, everyone was relaxed, enjoying the challenges and found it was something a bit different to do on the bowling green. We had some imaginative scores at the end but the joint winners were Charles Burrows and Simon Stacey.

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