Salisbury and District final results

The Salisbury and District final results are in. It is quite interesting that although we finished at the bottom of the table we actually won more games than the team above us. In this League a team can declare at the beginning of the season that they will only play with three Triples as opposed to the default number of four Triples. Downton are one of such teams that play with three Triples. We are not penalised for this, except, we obviously cannot gain the same maximum points as clubs who play four Triples. There are nine clubs in the League, three play with three Triples, Downton, Alderbury and Wilton. All the other Clubs have the potential of gaining twenty more points than us over the season as they can field four Triples. So it is not surprising to see two of the ‘three-triple’ clubs at the bottom of the League. Congratulations to Wilton who managed to gain fourth in the League under these conditions. Considering the challenges we faced in the Salisbury and District league, we have done really well this season, winning four games, but also our players have supported every fixture – not once did we have to cancel a game due to lack of players, even with the distance travelled. Many thanks to all Downton players for playing these games, I hope you enjoyed the League. Thank you too to the Members who took on the Captains role – Mike Hallam, Geoff Warr, and Rod Hall. This is much appreciated.

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