Poole Park ‘D’ v Bustards

The Bustards took the sun with them and made the long trek to Poole Park ‘D’ looking for a second victory.
This was achieved by Tony, Paul & Cathy winning their rink 22-13, winning 8 ends to the opponents’ 10.
All three of our team played really well; scoring a 7, a 5 and two 3’s really helped the cause.
On the other rink, Rosemary, Alan & Ivan sadly went down 13-18. Three bad ends late on conceding two 3’s and a 4 did the damage. On this rink we won 10 ends to the opponents 8.
Overall, the Bustards won 35-31 and are now second in the league.
Next up: Bournemouth Broncos at home next Saturday with a 10am start – all spectators welcome.
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