Men’s Captain Report for June/July

New Forest. We are in 4th place, but with only two games to play there is only a slight chance of climbing up the table to 3rd. Four wins and a draw with five loses. Just two weeks to go makes the NF season quite short. One highlight was actually winning two triples out of 4 at Braeside, always a challenge on their surface.

Salisbury and District: Played 9 matches in this league, so just over halfway through the fixtures. As usual, so not unexpectedly, we are propping up the League table, although not without success. A very good win against Amesbury and an excellent victory over Alderbury where our up and coming skips, John James and Lewis Ambler, both won their rink.

In a lot of the games rinks have come close to winning overall, but the opposition always have that edge. The Herbie Turner knockout cup was conceded as we could not find twelve players. Again I think the league should give thought to allowing ladies to compliment the sides for this and also the league.

Bournemouth and District. The Bustards have just past halfway and are third. It would be a really big ask for them to improve on that position, but, with 6 games to play, stranger things have happened. The Dragons are 4th and have seven games to play, so are quite capable of runners up or winning this league.

Competitions of all sorts have been, or are still ongoing. Some notable successes, one being the victory over a very good rinks side at Ringwood in the New Forest fours. Still a couple of us in the plate competitions. As I have said before, the men have been remarkable in their support of all the League games.

Alan Waters, 18/7/23.

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