Eight Wealth Cup

Last Sunday, Marie and Alan were the only Mixed Pair team to represent Downton to one of the 32 teams from Bournemouth and District, Wilton, and other clubs – including a 12-strong contingent from Fordingbridge who hosted this big annual competition.

There were six rounds being three preliminary rounds, then the quarter finals, the semi finals and, of course, the final.  To reach and play the final round, those 4 players had by then played 48 ends and bowled 196 woods – quite some feat of stamina and concentration.

This game was played on six different rinks, over two directions, as Fordingbridge changed the rink direction after the three preliminary rounds.

The Final round was played between Noreen Jones and Colin Grant of Fordingbridge and our own Downton team.  Marie was on top form, even outplaying Alan, (who openly admits this….) on this occasion! But, as a strong team together, they won every round taking home the Eight Wealth Cup and £160 between them.

They were presented with the cup by Derek Purse, the President of Fordingbridge, who said he was impressed by the standard of the consistently good bowling he had seen today

Out of 32 Mixed pairs, It was a great day for Marie and Alan to proudly win the cup for Downton.

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