2024 Bowls Season – Social Bowling in Downton

Social Bowls is an important part of bowling at Downton. It helps new bowlers learn both the art and etiquette of playing bowls and builds confidence. This season we’re planning to change how our Social Bowling is organised. We will be holding two Social Bowling sessions a week:

  • A Social Bowling session on a Monday afternoon (excluding Bank holidays) starting at 2pm.
  • A Social Bowling session on a Friday evening from 6pm.

For Monday’ session, we are looking for volunteers (male and/or female) to run the session. This would involve arriving at the club a few minutes before 2pm to open up the clubhouse; put out the bowls equipment for a rink and then play a game. Afterwards, they will make the tea if needed and supervise the tidying up. If we get enough volunteers, you should only need to do this once in a season.

We will also be having Social Bowling on a Friday evening from 6pm. However we would recommend every member who has a mobile phone to subscribe to the Club’s WhatsApp group. You can then post a message on the Group saying you are going to play on a particular Friday and other players can respond saying they would like to join you. We will make tea and biscuits available on these days.

If you are willing to help the club and can volunteer for an afternoon on a Monday, please get in touch with Steve Allen by email or phone.

Thank you
Steve Allen

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